Thurrock Council Protest Groups Data Breach – May 2022

222 Members of the following groups were arrested for protests in and around Essex and have had their addresses disclosed in a Court Order which the Council (the Claimant who made the Application to limit protests) should have redacted.

1. Insulate Britain;
2. Extinction Rebellion;
3. Just Stop Oil; and
4. Youth Climate Swarm.

To see if you have had your address disclosed, you’ll need to confirm whether you are a named defendant.

You can do this by accessing visiting Thurrock Council’s website, clicking on the ‘Protest Injunction’ PDF link, and identifying yourself from the list of named Defendants on pages 9-13.

If you are a named Defendant to the Injunction, you’ll have a right to claim as your addresses would have been clearly unredacted.

It’s difficult to assess the amount of compensation that could be claimed at present, as an estimate this could be between £750 and £2,000.00 (dependant on evidence of distress).

Please get in touch if you’ve been affected by this breach, or a similar one, and our solicitors will aid you in bringing a claim for compensation.