TalkTalk Data Breach – May 2015

TalkTalk was the target of  a major data breach in 2015 which led to the theft of personal data belonging to nearly 157,000 of their customers.

Although large companies like TalkTalk have a duty of responsibility to their customers to protect their personal data, the firm was forced to admit that they had not properly secured the information with encryption protocols which lead to thousands of customers’ information being exposed to the cyber attack.

At the time that the breach was first revealed TalkTalk contacted their entire customer base, informing them of what had happened. A separate email was also sent to those customers who had been directly effected by the breach, which comprised approximately 4% of the company’s entire base of customers.

As a result of the breach, TalkTalk were fined £400,000 by the ICO who felt that the company should have done much more to prevent this happening. They were later fined a further £100,000 by the ICO in reflection of further damages caused by the breach, however experts in the field claimed that these fines were ‘little more than a sting’ to their finances.

There have been many reports from TalkTalk customers in the years following of identity theft attempts and account hacking, but surprisingly, some of these reports have been raised by customers who had not been informed of their information being stolen.

Recently, BBC Watchdog has revealed that the details of 4,500 customers were readily available to download online, including names, addresses, emails, bank details, landline and mobile numbers and dates of birth. These customers were not informed that their information had been taken nearly 4 years ago and are now grappling with the fact that their personal information is most likely in a number of cyber-hackers databases.

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