Kent County Council Data Breach – February 2019

Personal details including names and email addresses of around 300 adoptive parents and support workers were disclosed in an email sent by Kent County Council, who have been declared by Big Brother Watch as the joint-worst-offending local authority in the UK in regards to data breaches.

Although Council representatives have apologised to the parents and workers who have had their details leaked, concerns have been raised that this sensitive information could be leaked to parents at schools, or even birth families seeking to track their children down. Kent County Council is still investigating the breach and are yet to decide whether this case warrants reporting to the Information Commisioner’s Office (ICO).

A representative from the Council has come forth to announce that they ‘deeply regret’ the breach of personal data and that the error was made when a member of staff accidentally copied a mailing list of parents and support workers into the carbon copy section, as opposed to the blind carbon copy section. By the time that this worker had realised their mistake the emails had been sent and it was already too late to recall them, despite the Council attempting to do so.

Data breaches such as these are increasingly common and have the potential to further compromise people who are already in a vulnerable position. Although Kent County Council have yet to be reprimanded by the ICO for their actions, that doesn’t meant that you can’t bring an action against them if you’ve been effected by this breach.

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