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Data protection breaches can cause serious emotional distress and financial losses, our Manchester data breach solicitors can help you claim compensation from the organisations responsible. We’ll determine if you’ve got a valid claim, help you report it and then bring a claim against the organisations who have failed you. 

Our data breach solicitors can walk you through the data protection claims process. Using past case examples we’ll be able to show the extent of damages that the organisation is liable for and help you get the right amount of compensation. We’ll even help you report your data breach if need be. 

We take on all our data breach claims on a No Win No Fee basis; taking 25% of any awards as our payment. Should your claim not prove to be successful then you won’t have to pay a thing. We only take on cases that we are confident in winning and aim to win you the data breach compensation that you deserve. 

Talk to our Manchester data protection solicitors today to find out if you could claim compensation for the breach of your data.

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Examples of Manchester Data Protection Breaches

Greater Manchester Police Data Breach

In October 2020, a ‘very serious’ data breach was discovered by the ICO and the Greater Manchester Police, as the names and details of thousands of people were accidentally put online. The information included details about victims of sexual abuse. Records related to witnesses, informants and sex crime victims were made publicly available. The personal information of thousands could be accessed via a sheet of data listing incidents, which was used by a contractor commissioned by the force to develop software.

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Manchester Council Data Breach

Manchester’s city council was found in breach of the Data Protection Act in 2009 when two laptops went missing from Town Hall. Both laptops contained the details of 1,754 school-based staff in the Greater Manchester area. After an investigation, it was found that the laptops were not data encrypted, password-protected or secured to the desks they were stolen from. Manchester city council agreed to implement an improved training programme, including regular refresher training for all staff.

Greater Manchester NHS Data Breach

In September 2019, more than 2,000 patients from within the Greater Manchester area were affected by a large-scale data breach. The breach was estimated to start in January 2018 and involved NHS staff accessing patient records without authorisation or legitimate reasons. Multiple employees at a single NHS trust were responsible for exploiting the data system and accessing patient records without authorisation. The misuse of such sensitive information could have a wide-reaching impact on those individuals.

Our data protection solicitors based near Manchester can help you claim compensation from organisations that have failed to protect your personal data. We can bring claims against any public or private organisation based in England or Wales such as:

  • Private businesses
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Charities
  • Local Authorities
  • Health bodies
  • The Police
  • Education providers such as Universities

You’re more likely to succeed with a data breach claim if you have suffered damages as a result of the breach. For example, if you have suffered financial losses or emotional distress. There is precedent, however, to make a claim based on the risk that the organisation has placed you in.

Why choose our Manchester data protection solicitors?

  • Our Manchester data breach solicitors are specialists in their fields, they understand how the claims process works and have dealt with hundreds of enquiries over the years.
  • Cobleys Solicitors is one of the leading civil litigation firms in the UK and has been featured in The Times Top 200 Law Firms.
  • You’ll be put in direct contact with your data protection solicitors, they’ll keep you updated with any changes and be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

About Data Breach Help

Our data protection solicitors are based near Manchester in Liverpool – we travel across England and Wales to assist with claims including Sheffield and London.

Operated by Cobleys Solicitors – one of the top leading law firms in the UK – we have a dedicated team of expert litigators greatly experienced in all aspects of data breach and data protection law. Using our wealth of knowledge and experience, we have a proven history of successfully winning our clients rightful compensation from both private and public organisations that have failed to protect their data.

Experienced in dealing with hundreds of enquiries, we’re able to guide you through every step whether you’ve experienced a data protection violation in the workplace, a GDPR breach by a public authority or any other kind of cyber offence.

Talk to our Manchester data protection solicitors today to find out if you could claim compensation for the breach of your data. 


What should you do if you've had your data breached?

If you’ve had your data breached then the first thing you should do is assess the damage that has been caused. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be hard to do, especially if you’ve just been made aware of the breach taking place. Our Manchester data protection solicitors can help explain the full extent of your damages and show you your option for claiming compensation. We can begin consultations over the phone or email, and send any necessary paperwork by post – so can help you wherever you’re based.

How much will it cost me to make a data breach claim in Manchester?

Making a data breach claim in Manchester costs no more than it would in any other part of the country. Most data breach compensation claims are handled on a No Win No Fee basis, so you won’t have to pay a thing in the event that the claim is not successful. Solicitors take a percentage of any compensation you receive on a conditional fee basis and will only take on your case if their costs are covered and you receive an award that is worth your time. As a result, solicitors will only take on data breach cases that have a high chance of success.

Cobleys Solicitors has offices based in the north and south of England. Our data breach solicitors can travel across the UK to meet you if necessary.