Data Breach and Data Protection Solicitors

Our data breach solicitors have responded to hundreds of enquiries from people who have had their personal data either lost, stolen, destroyed or accessed without their permission. If you have suffered damages from a data protection breach, whether that be financial or distress, you may be able to make a claim for data breach compensation

The personal information that you entrust organisations with should be kept safe and secure. If an organisation fails to keep this information private and allow your details to get into the public domain, the consequences can be severe. Cybercriminals are just one group that can benefit from having your personal data, but clerical errors and misuse of personal data by legitimate organisations can prove just as damaging as well.

The Data Protection Act 2018 and Human Rights Act work in tandem to protect you and your personal data. When a private or public organisation breaches these rules and causes damages as a result, you have legal recourse to claim compensation. 

Data breach solicitors can help you make a claim when an organisation breaches the Data Protection Act and puts you at risk by:

  • Using your personal data outside of its original purpose
  • Failing to properly secure your personal data
  • Accidentally or intentionally disclosing your data 
  • Holding your data long than necessary
  • Storing out-of-date or inaccurate information

Data breaches can have major consequences for those involved. When an organisation commits any of these errors they can put innocent people at serious risk. Data protection solicitors can help determine if and when a breach has taken place, and can identify what risk you’ve been placed in as a result. In order for a successful claim to be made, the data breach must have put you at risk of financial damages or distress.

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Examples of data protection cases

Data protection breaches occur every year, some of them by high-profile businesses, others by lesser known organisations who manage to avoid any major public backlash. Not all data protection cases taken by our solicitors are large-scale breaches. Many of the cases that we’ve taken on involve just a handful of people who have suffered significant damages from personal information being shared with the wrong people at the wrong time.

What should you do if you’ve had your data breached?

If you’ve been notified about a data breach, either by the organisation responsible or through some other means, then you should get in touch with a data breach solicitor to understand what risk you’ve been at. You may not have suffered any damages as a result yet, but if you’ve been put in significant financial risk or have suffered emotional distress, then you may be able to claim compensation.

What organisations can data breach solicitors help you claim from?

Data breach solicitors can help you claim compensation from organisations based in England or Wales, who have put you at risk of financial loss or distress. You do not have to have suffered damages in order to claim, however you are more likely to make a successful claim if you have. The organisation does not have to be a private company either, examples include:

  • Private businesses
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Charities
  • Local Authorities
  • Health bodies
  • The Police
  • Education providers such as Universities

How much will it cost me to make a data breach claim?

The cost of making a data breach claim depends on the case, however these costs are usually offset by the compensation received when a successful claim is made. No Win No Fee agreements are typically drawn up by data breach solicitors who are confident that they can make a successful claim. It’s also possible to fund your claim with Legal Aid, for those already claiming means-tested benefits. Legal Expenses Insurances can also be used to pay for legal costs.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like guidance from our data protection solicitors. We can determine if you have a valid claim and guide you through the rest of the process.

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Why choose our data breach solicitors?

  • Our data breach solicitors are specialists in their fields, they understand how the claims process works and have dealt with hundreds of enquiries over the years.
  • Cobleys Solicitors is one of the leading civil litigation firms in the UK and has been featured in The Times Top 200 Law Firms.
  • You’ll be put in direct contact with your data protection solicitors, they’ll keep you updated with any changes and be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

About Data Breach Help

Our data protection solicitors are based in Liverpool and London – we travel across England and Wales to assist in with claims including Sheffield and Manchester.

The digital age has brought unprecedented benefits to society thanks to the immense value that personal data provides. Unfortunately though, our personal data is also hugely valuable to cyber-criminals. This is why mass data breaches are now a common occurrence, as billions of user accounts, passwords, phone numbers and addresses are all too frequently found in the wrong hands due to negligent corporations.

If you think that you’ve been affected by a data breach by any organisation based in England, then by reporting it you are taking the first steps towards winning compensation for your loss.

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What is a data protection breach?

A data protection breach is a breach in security, resulting in personal data being accessed without authorisation, altered, disclosed, destroyed or lost. Data protection breaches can be caused either accidentally or intentionally. They do not have to result in financial loss in order for a claim to be made.

Examples of data protection breaches are:

  • Personal data is sent to someone in error. Your contact details may have been accidentally forwarded to a defendant of a case that you are testifying as a witness to – putting you in serious risk.
  • Data access without authorisation. Your medical data could have been accessed by an employee of the NHS and used for their own improper purposes
  • Disclosure of incorrect information to the Disclosure and Barring Service. You may be denied the opportunity of applying for a job based on the incorrect information supplied about you.
What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that directly relates to an individual. The information enables that individual to be readily identified or indirectly identified, when used in conjunction with other information.

Personal data includes your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • National insurance number
  • IP address of home computer
  • Medical records
  • Financial details
How much compensation can data breach solicitors help me claim for my breach?

The amount of compensation that data breach solicitors can help you claim for your breach depends on the type of breach that has taken place, and how you have suffered as a consequence of that breach. If you’ve suffered financially, the compensation is intended to put you as close to your pre-breach financial position as possible.

How do I claim compensation with a data protection solicitor in the UK?

A data protection solicitor first needs to know if you have a valid claim. When you instruct a data breach solicitor to claim compensation, they will work with you to reveal the full extent of your losses. If the solicitor believes that a successful claim, in regards to your losses, would cover legal costs and provide you with compensation then they will make the claim on your behalf.

Can I claim compensation from any organisation in the UK?

Data breach solicitors based in England or Wales can only assist in claims against organisations based in England or Wale. If your claim is against an organisation based in Scotland, then you’ll need to hire a data breach solicitor based in Scotland.

What time limits apply when suing for a data protection breach?

The following time limits apply for making a data protection breach claim:

  • One year less one day to issue proceedings under the Human Rights Act
  • Six years to issue proceedings under the Data Protection Act 2018

Data protection breach cases can involve a number of overlapping elements which each come with their own limitation dates and time limits. A data breach solicitor will be able to ensure that your claim is made in accordance with these time limits and will also know when the court could be asked for permission for an extension.

Can I make a No Win No Fee claim for a breach of data protection?

No Win No Fee claims for a breach of data protection can be undertaken when:

  • Your data protection solicitor is confident that case be brought within time and won


  • The awards will cover legal costs and provide you with compensation