Successful Data Breach Case Studies

Holiday Inn Express pay compensation as a result of providing a visitor’s ex-partner with his hotel room number

Our client was staying at the hotel chain for several days with his new partner. He received a knock at the hotel room door and opened it believing it was the hotel staff. In fact, it was his abusive ex-partner who attempted to barge in.

The ex-partner then disclosed to our client’s family that he was staying in a hotel with a new partner, which caused him embarrassment and distress within his local Islamic community.

Cobleys Solicitors Ltd successfully recovered £1,750.00 compensation for the client, and his legal costs paid, due to the distress and embarrassment caused by the Hotel.

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Why an employer paid compensation to its employee for breaching her data rights

The Defendant employer admitted “individual human error” when a manager transferred an employee’s personal data, using a memory stick, to a computer situated in the company’s reception area.

The employee’s data, including sensitive personal information relating to her health, was then accessible to other employees.

Cobleys Solicitors Ltd successfully secured £2,250.00 in compensation, for the distress caused by her employer, and for exacerbating her pre-existing mental health complaints.

How we helped secure compensation for a client due to a data breach by the NHS Foundation Trust

Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust incorrectly sent correspondence relating to our client, to a person living in the same street as her.

The neighbour then informed our client that he may see her at the hospital, as he had an appointment at the same time and place.

The obvious distress caused by this incident and the Hospital’s data breach, resulted in £1,000 compensation, plus her legal costs being paid under a “No Win No Fee” Agreement with Cobleys Solicitors Ltd.

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Cobleys wins £12,500 in damages and new accommodation for domestic violence victim in Borough Council data breach case

Our client suffered domestic violence and abuse from her ex-husband. He was imprisoned for his assault against her.

Shortly after our client had fled the marital home and settled in her new home, a staff member from a Borough Council told a friend of our client’s ex-husband her new address. Her ex-husband was due to be released from prison in the coming months.

Cobleys successfully settled the claim and not only won £12,500.00 in damages for our client but also negotiated for the Council to seek new accommodation for our client to ensure she would be safe from any potential harm from her ex-husband.

How we secured £12,000 in compensation for our client from First Central Car Insurance

Our client and her son fled an abusive relationship. She did not have any contact with her ex-husband afterwards and she finally felt safe.

During family proceedings, it came out that her ex-husband had found out her new address from correspondence from an insurance company.

First Central Car Insurance admitted the data breach of our client’s address. Cobleys secured settlement of £12,000.00 in damages for our client.

Cobleys wins family £12,000 in local authority data breach case

Cobleys represented a family of 4 who were subject to Local Authority Child Services meetings.

Unfortunately, the minutes of one of these meetings, containing highly private and confidential details of the family, were posted to an incorrect address. The family felt they had no choice but to move house due to the distress, embarrassment and paranoia caused by this data breach.

Cobleys successfully concluded the claim for the clients in the sum of £12,000.00 in total – £3,000.00 for each member of the family.


  • “Excellent service when using Cobleys recently for a data breach. Kept informed, kept up to date and treated at all times with respect and courtesy. Would certainly recommend the team at Cobleys including Lyndon and Hayley. Definitely 5 stars!”

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