Report A Data Protection Breach

We live in a digital age where your personal data has huge value to yourself, corporations and cyber-criminals. Mass data breaches are now a common occurrence, with billions of user accounts, passwords, addresses and phone numbers getting lost by some negligent corporations.

In 2018 alone there were over a billion people affected by data breaches, but there were even more losses of data by dozens of large scale personal data breaches, with companies such as British Airways, Dixons Carphone, TSB, the Marriot Group and Yahoo losing consumers’ data and being fined by the Information Commissioner as a result.

These companies have an obligation to inform their customers about the loss of their data, and have sent out correspondence doing so. If you’ve received one of these messages, or have suffered damage or distress as a result of an organisation beaching any part of the Data Protection Act or the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), then you may claim compensation against them.

Likewise, if you think you’ve been affected by a data breach, whether in the workplace or by any other large organisation based in England, then by reporting your data breach you can take the first step towards claiming compensation for your loss.

Data Breaches Help is run by Cobleys Solicitors Ltd., one of the largest specialist litigation practices on Merseyside and recommended by The Times as one of the Top 200 Law Firms in the UK.

If you’ve been affected by a breach, or have had your data leaked by an organisation, then you can report your data protection breach by using the form below.

Data Breach Case Studies

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Babylon Health Data Breach – June 2020

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Watford Community Housing Trust Data Breach – March 2020

Watford Community Housing Trust sent an email to several thousand people with an attachment which contained the personal details of 3545 people. The message...

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